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   If you know what an ad exchange is or a safelist or a text ad exchange then you have the basic idea. You look at mine, I look at yours. Or, like a safelist, you read mine, I read yours.

   In a product exchange, it is you buy mine, I buy yours. But it isn't tit for tat. Instead you simply buy the product you like or want and you are automatically "buying yours" and "selling mine."

   Everyone is a buyer and a seller, a consumer and a producer. In the Exchange, the first product you choose you are a buyer and a seller. Everyone has to get another "Buy" product before they get the second "Sell" product. That way it is more like life, you only produce a few products but you consume hundreds

   The big difference is you don't have to look at ads, read emails or any other daily activity in order to be a member of the Axey MLM Product Exchange. Although we call it a "Sell" product, you really don’t sell it. You are in a position to have it sold for you by being a member of the Axey Association for Cooperative Advertising. So, you are really just an MLM (and ARP) Product Consumer.

   The real advantage is what we call LaidBack Advertising. By having advertising products in the Exchange, you have the opportunity to have a "Sell" product that drives traffic to the Exchange such that you are paid commissions on several levels. Moreover, you are able to get a larger income much faster.

         See the LaidBack Income Plans for more details.

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